Monday, September 13, 2010

Encourage One Another

Encouraging others has been on my mind lately.  Our world seems to put so much emphasis on independence, but there are time we just NEED one another!

There are many ways we can encourage one another:  a phone call, a note dropped in the mail, a visit, even an email message or an online card can do the trick.  How about that mom in the store with the screaming kid - instead of giving her "a look", why not a word of encouragement or a smile?  (Hmmm - I have been that mom more than once - I would have loved a word of encouragement)

I have decided that this week I will try to find someone to encourage each day - even if it is someone in my own house!  I like that "warm fuzzy" feeling I get when someone encourages me - I am sure others feel the same way.  I challenge you to do the same - and if you want, share some of the ways you encouraged others!

Links to online cards:
American Greetings

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