Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

This is one of my favorite weeks of the school year!  We have been blessed with so many wonderful teachers since Ross started preschool and I love letting them know how special they are.  Here are a few quick, easy and inexpensive ideas to try.

Poems or notes that let the teacher know how much you appreciate them.

Flowers from your garden.

Funny notes/gifts - for example we have done Extra gum, dum dum suckers, mints, packets of seeds, bottle of tea, lifesavers, votive candles, etc.  Here is what we have written to go with them:
  • Thanks for being an EXTRA cool (great) teacher!
  • Thanks for keeping me from being a DUM DUM - you're a great teacher!
  • Your dedication MINT a lot to me this year.
  • You plant the SEEDS of learning in all you teach (have also done this with a pot, a ziploc of potting soil, gloves and seeds.
  • You put the TEA in teacher!
  • You have been a LIFESAVER for me this year!  Thanks for the extra help in math, etc.
  • You light the FLAME of learning for me.
You can see the opportunity for this one is great.  We usually do one thing a day for the entire week of Teacher Appreciation.  My kids love trying to come up with new things each year!

S'more bags - box of graham crackers, package of marshmallows and a few milk chocolate bars.

Potted plant - cheaper to DIY if you have a lot to do:  buy clay pots, potting soil for containers, bedding plants.  To dress up the clay pots you can simply tie colorful wire edge ribbon around them.

Home baked cookies, cakes, brownies, etc.

As a classroom we have put together a scrapbook, bought a gift card to the teachers favorite restaurant and even had an after school get together at a park.

The main thing - let your children's teachers know you appreciate all they do.  Most of them spend a lot of extra time outside of the classroom preparing for our children.  Most of them also spend a lot of their own money on the classroom.  Writing a note or sending an email is the least we can do!

What are some of the ways you show your appreciation?