About Us

Where to begin?  Our family began in June of 1997 when Rick and I wed.  Our family began to grow with the birth of Ross in August 1998 and Haley in April 2000.  Our spitfire Lily was born on her Nana's birthday in 2004 and then little brother Bryce joined us in May 2006.  We thought our family was complete - we had always said "3 or 4 kids" when anyone asked how many kids we planned on having.  Fast forward to September 2009 and a mom who was feeling queasy and tired, not because she caught something from one of the kids, but because God chose to bless this family with baby number 5!  Carson joined our family in May 2010 and chaos has become the norm.  Blessed, crazy chaos!

Bios on the family:

Rick aka Dad - #1 breadwinner for the family, HVAC technician, deacon @ the church

Stephanie aka Mom - Domestic Goddess, good cook, queen of bargain hunting, doer of laundry

Ross - Smart guy, loves roller coasters, reading, bossing around the other kids

Haley - Girly girl, loves nail polish, fashion, music, great helper with her baby brother

Lily - Spitfire, loves to hug, laugh and hold hands - with anyone!

Bryce - Thinker, loves Sponge Bob, cowboys and anything with wheels!

Carson - Smiley Joe, loves to be held, cuddled and loved on

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