Monday, June 28, 2010


Today I feel like a failure.  The baby is out of sorts, the 4 year old is sunburned and cranky, the 6 year old is bossy and not listening.  The 10 year old is mad that everyone gets to do stuff she never gets to do and the 11 year old has been caught lying.  *sigh*

Although I would love to crawl into bed and pull the covers up over my head, I know that will not solve a thing.  Neither would yelling, screaming or (me) throwing a tantrum.  Today I understand why some mothers in the wild eat their young.

I am repeating the mantra "this too shall pass" - and very quickly I know.  Soon I won't have 5 kids under foot.  Soon their dad and I won't be the most important people in their lives.  Soon.

So for now I will take a deep breath, and forget about the laundry that didn't make it upstairs yet or the dishwasher that got loaded but not started.  I will save until later the basket of toys I wanted to sort through and I will gather the kids around me and enjoy the chaos.

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